development and design

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development and design


is code and code is Awesome! It’s a beautiful thing. I am a firm believer in what my JavaScript instructor from NAIT proved to me, and that is

If you can think it, it can be done

Whether you require a transition rich, database driven, content management system with eCommerce,or a theme driven static page with important information that needs a little content change now and then. It’s all in the code.

Or to put it another way...

If( $code === $awesome ) {

$yourWebsite = $success;

echo $yourWebsite;



is a personal thing and whether you have an idea in mind with some content, graphics and images ready to go and just need help displaying them in a user friendly and easy to understand manor. Or you’re drawing a blank and need help determining where to start. We’ll start with your ideas and transform them through sketches and flow diagrams to determine user interactions and mobile considerations until it fits the purpose, timeline and budget for your website.

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maintenance and education

& education

maintenance and education


covers those situations that require someone else to manage your site, update your content and maintain your code so it continually operates efficiently across the multitude of devices and browsers that are available today. It takes the necessity of updating your website off your to do list. When something stops working, when content needs to be changed, added or removed all that is needed is to contact Bryan and these changes will be done for you.


is necessary when deciding to manage your website yourself, as it reduces the time required to travel the learning curve. Through documentation that guides you to what you need to know about managing your website, or simply answering any questions you may have, a helping hand is always available. When possible, I prefer providing help in person because it allows for an easier understanding though face to face interaction with the website.

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analytics and optimization

& optimization

analytics and optimization


is the process of seeing what your visitors are doing on your website. It provides such information as number of visitors, how they arrived at your site, the page they exited your site from, the country the visitor lives in, what buttons or links were clicked and plenty more. This is all provided by Google and reports can be sent to you to help you determine the effectiveness of your website in terms of generating leads or sales. By determining the data you want to collect and setting up the analytics to capture that data the effectiveness of your goals can be greatly enhanced.


is also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. It is how your site is constructed in the eyes of a search engine. Think of your website as a house and SEO as the 'map' or directions others use to get there. Through various tools such as word analysis, meta tagging, schema code, a 'map' can be created that will make it easier for visitors to find your website.

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